2020 Exhibitor Application
November 4-5, 2020


Industry Hall 1

Industry Hall 2

Poultry Demo Coliseum

Outdoor Exhibits & Hospitality

NOTE: Ordering information for furniture, carpeting and electrical etc., will be available on the website by January 31, 2020, via CDX official suppliers.

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2020 Complex Layout

2020 Complex Layout
  1. *PLEASE NOTE: This is an application and completing it for submission does not guarantee your exhibit space at CPX. Thank you!
  2. CPX is not liable for exceptionally adverse weather conditions, unavoidable catastrophes, specified perils and relevant events such as: lightning, storms, flooding, snow squalls, snow storms, closed road conditions as it pertains to exhibit equipment and appurtenances to and from the facility within the posted CPX move in/out days and times and days of CPX. CPX management is not responsible for financial refund/compensation; all CPX exhibitors/sponsors/partners will be 100% liable for all costs associated to exceptionally adverse weather conditions, without limiting the generality of the foregoing exhibitor, other exhibitors/sponsors/partners, management, the facility owner and respective agents, servants and employees, volunteers and members of the public attending the show.
  3. All CPX exhibitors/sponsors/partners will be 100% liable for and indemnify CPX Management, staff and volunteers from any loss or damages whatsoever suffered as a result of any person, company or object, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing exhibitor, other exhibitors/sponsors/partners, management, the facility owner and respective agents, servants and employees, volunteers and members of the public attending the show, either on the said space or elsewhere if said loss or damages arose or were in any way connected with the exhibitor/sponsor/partner occupancy and CPX involvement.
  4. The exhibitor/sponsor/partner shall secure and produce evidence of commercial general liability or farm liability insurance with a limit not less than $2,000,000 inclusive including coverage for premises and operations, products and completed operations. The exhibitor/sponsor/partner will provide a certificate of insurance as evidence and this certificate will include CPX, as additional insured. Please name Canadian Dairy XPO as additionally insured (Site address - 353 McCarthy Road, Stratford, ON N5A 6W1). The exhibitor/sponsor/partner is 100% responsible for the cost and placement of all insurance related to any potential loss or damage resulting from participating in the CPX. It is recommended that valuable, easily transportable items be removed from the exhibit nightly.
  5. Electrical is not included with standard exhibit space and must be ordered by the exhibitor/sponsor/partner, through CPX official electrical supplier. Generator/standby power alternatives are not permitted. Exhibitors will be monitored throughout set-up days and days of XPO.
  6. PAYMENT: 50% deposit is due immediately upon receipt of invoice. The remaining 50% is due on or before 90 days prior to CPX operating dates. If no payment is received within these time frames, CPX reserves the right to release the exhibit space and retain payment in full. CANCELATION: If the exhibitor cancels within 6 months (180 days) prior to CPX, they will be liable for 100% of the total outstanding amount for contracted space, plus HST. If the reason for cancellation is deemed to be a personal emergency, CPX may decide to issue a 50% rebate/credit, based upon CPX sole discretion. If exhibit space is cancelled outside of 6 months to the start date of the CPX, 50% refund is applied. Cancellation must be submitted in writing. All international companies must pay 100% upon submission of this exhibitor application (All companies outside of North America). Should the international company cancel, CPX may decide to issue a 50% rebate/credit, based upon CPX sole discretion. Cancellation must be submitted in writing. Any exhibitor applications received post Jan 1st of show year: 100% payment must accompany exhibitor application (VISA, MC or E-TRANSFER). Once application is approved, CPX will process 100% payment. No exhibitor/ sponsor/ partner will be allowed to set-up at CPX until full payment is received.
  7. Subletting exhibit space is not allowed, under any circumstances. Exhibits will be monitored throughout show & set-up days. Violation of this may result in termination of exhibit space in future years of CPX.
  8. The exhibitor/sponsor/partner agrees to confine his presentation within the contracted space, and must keep any display or equipment over 12ft in height, a minimum 3ft back from the adjacent walking aisle. This is restricted as a professional courtesy to your neighbouring exhibitors. All exhibit spaces must be maintained and staffed during all CPX operating hours.
  9. The exhibitor/sponsor/partner agrees to set up (move in) and remove (move out), their exhibit equipment to and from the facility within the posted CPX move in/out days and times. No shipments or parcels will be accepted prior to move in times. The exhibitor/sponsor/partner agrees that no display is dismantled, or goods removed during the entire duration of the CPX and must remain intact, until the closing hour of the last day of CPX - 4:00pm, and not before. MOVE OUT: If exhibit equipment / product / display material are left on site past the scheduled move out times, a $200.00 shipping and handling fee per day will apply. This will be charged to the exhibiting company post show. There is no storage or holding areas available. Please contact Jordon Underhill for Cow Coliseum annual storage options 519-760-0892. CPX is not responsible for theft, damage or errors in logistics/shipping. CPX management, employees and drivers are not responsible for any damages that may occur during move in or move out times to exhibitors and equipment. Should you operate equipment for move in or move out, you MUST have proper certification.
  10. Quality control is enforced prior to and during days of CPX. CPX has an exclusive qualification committee that will patrol and monitor all exhibits at the XPO to ensure the Canadian Dairy XPO is purely dairy and we continue to keep the dairy producer top of mind. Failure to comply will result in termination of your exhibit space in future years of CPX.
  11. The exhibitor/sponsor/partner shall not disturb the exhibit space flooring, walls or curtains without obtaining written approval and on-site authorization from CPX Management. The exhibitor/sponsor/partner shall also assume responsibility and all damages, losses or claims whatsoever arising from disturbing or interfering with the space of other exhibitors/sponsors/partners. The exhibitor/sponsor/partner shall not move exhibit locations during move-in and/or show operational hours.
  12. Outdoor Exhibitors: Tent Permits are required for any tent over 645 sq ft. You must be a minimum of 3 meters away from facility building (Stratford Rotary Complex). Contact Russel Harley, Municipal Building Official – City of Stratford for more information: RHarley@stratford.ca
  13. 1All live animal displays must have appropriate tag or tattoo identification, with detailed herd health records to be approved by CPX Management. Onsite biosecurity protocol in affect. If you wish to have live animals in your exhibit, it must be approved by CPX Management.
  14. CPX requires full payment in order to have company listed in the CPX Official Program.
  15. CPX management reserves the right to cancel this contract and withhold possession of exhibit space if the Exhibitor fails to perform any material condition of this contract or refuses to abide by the show rules and regulations.